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by The Ginger UPs

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released January 20, 2015



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The Ginger UPs Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Divining Rod
Tightly metal to a magnet
We'll see what positive and negative become
Since the moment of our birth
To this earth we are bound
Searching for water underground

We're two sides of a makeshift divining rod
We come together like a branch in the shape of a "y"
That's why we're drawn to the river, the lake, and the sound

Like the instinct of a deer...we can't help but bend an ear
When melody and harmony collide
Some things you can't explain
Like how a yin needs a yang
And how a lonely drop of water finds its way

Every compass needs a pole
Like every diamond needs a clump of coal
Like mallard and mate you can't separate the two
It's just me and you together
On a search for liquid treasure
That's hiding way down deep in mother earth

When elements combine...A molecule is defined
Like hydrogen and oxygen we're bound
Moss takes to a a croak takes to the bullfrog
We're pulled together when water is to be found
Track Name: Bound to be Blue
Temporary, momentary
I let the blues in
Like an Avon Lady at my door
I give her five minutes here but no more

I’m bound to be blue
But refuse to be jaded

I don’t know when it started,
This pact I made to
Never be bitter like bad beer
Have I made myself clear?

Put up your dukes and get ready
Nip it in the bud
Before it storms in to take control
It wants your body. It wants your soul.

I'm bound to be blue, but refuse to be jaded
I'm bound to be blue, but refuse to be…

All of my life been dealing with excentric types
They’re colorful, they keep me on my toes

You can be moody and rude
But I can too so let's count to ten, and then
If need be we'll start again

It was a whiskey girl
She sang my song
I cried like a baby out of joy
You're my hero Amy
The real McCoy

I'm bound to be blue, but refuse to be jaded
I'm bound to be blue, but refuse to be…

All of my life – been hangin' with artistic types
They’re interesting, they see things just like me
Track Name: Never Give Up
I know what it’s like to be a fighter in the final round
So weak just one-two punch and I’m down
But you taught me to stand up and take it on the chin
This time by knock-out I’m gonna win

Shout it
Tell the world all about it
True – I wrote this song to prove to you
That I’ll never give up and I’ll never give in

Been stuck behind the sidelines
The game was called for rain
No matter how you look at it a strike out is always the same
But now I’m swinging the winning bat like a pro
I’m sick of warming up the bench
This time that ball is going over the fence

Gentlemen start your engines
With the cheer of the crowd and a gunshot sound I’ll burn rubber
It’s a long way around that track but look who’s out in front of the pack
They’ll be waving that checkered flag for number one

Been down and out playing for no one
Felt my rhythm skip a beat
Seemed like every note that I hit was out of key
But now I’m headed for the big time
Center stage where I belong
When I get there you know I’ll sing this song
Track Name: Dirty Laundry
They call me "Mrs. Serious"
I'm here to get the job done right
But it seems every time I try these days
I try too hard
'Cause I've got stars in my eyes
Won't take no for an answer and I hate to be late
You know I'll never settle for second rate

I gotta stop taking it all so seriously and join the circus with my smile
'Cause you know that clown suit is more my style
I gotta shake those blues and make the dirty laundry old news

The doc said I gotta learn to relax
I said so would you if you were me
'Cause I'm a mile a minute sometimes
Though I know I gotta take it slow or I might explode
and you'll see my dreams come rushing out
I'm a firecracker with a short fuse...of that there is no doubt

---instrumental bridge---

I got my feet planted deep in the ground
I mean what I say what I mean
I don't mess around
I can prove that I'm not a fake with one firm handshake
You won't find a better candidate
I'm not the best of the bunch but I'll work at twice the pace
Gonna get the cheese at the end of this rat race
Track Name: Back Again

I know all the magic happens when
A good hook pulls you back again
I don't need to know the meaning
Just want to hear a guitar, a few chords, and a catchy melody



You better make it quick
I've had enough of the fluff and fancy trick
C'mon - get right to the point
Short and Sweet - Don't need much more than a backbeat
To lift me up and put me on my feet

I'll sing it louder each time it comes around


A simple line - a simple truth
Can start my heart like 80 proof
Just state your case in 40 words or less
Now I confess that I don't need to know the reason
That I can't get it out of my head

I'll just sing it louder each time it comes around


Been hard hit, but I got my fix
A few good words and a ton of bricks
You know I'm not tough to satisfy
So stay concise and get it right
You'll come on like dynomite
And I'll keep coming back for more

And I'll sing it louder every time it comes around



I know some relief is necessary
But don't stay away too long
Just set me up - Knock me down
I'll take that sucker punch every time it comes around